A Curious Shape

Today I recommend... a nice slice of polenta!
No, I’m not talking about food. Today I’m taking you on a journey to the first capital of Italy, Turin, to visit a very curious building: Casa Scaccabarozzi, also known with the name of Slice of Polenta, which is one of the narrowest buildings in the world with one of its side measuring just 54 centimetres!
The nickname commonly attributed by the people of Turin, Slice of Polenta, is most probably given by the curious shape of the building,  that make it resembling a real slice , but also its characteristic yellow colour.
The building, built in 1840, has got a triangular shape (16 metres x 5 metres x 54 centimetres) and consists of 9 floors, 2 of which are underground, all connected through an internal staircase.  The total height of the building is 24 meters.
It seems that the Slice of Polenta was built more as a bet then for real need. Architect Antonelli was given a small trapezoid land, left over from other projects on the block but the …
The Sleeping Beauty of Abruzzo
Morena Giannascoli
If I told you: "The Sleeping Beauty" what would you think? The Walt Disney animated film or perhaps the fairy tale written by Charles Perraul. Instead I think of Abruzzo, Italy, where legends never die and where the Sleeping Beauty is the profile of the massive Gran Sasso Mountain seen from the Pescara area. From this perspective the Corno Grande and Mount Camicia are aligned to form respectively the face and breast of a woman lying on her back. With the clear sky and the sunset it becomes a wonderful scenario featured in many postcards and even in this beautiful youtube video that went viral on the web. According to the legend, the Goddess Maja fled from Phrygia and arrived in the harbour of a town called Ortona ( with her giant son Hermes, wounded in battle. They took refuge on the mountain tops and she tried to cure him …
Colourful Beaches
Morena Giannascoli
When I say holidays I mean beach!
Well, it couldn’t be otherwise: my family live right by the seaside in Abruzzo, Italy,  and I used to spend most of the year on our beautiful, fine golden sand beaches. No matter the season, whether in spring, in summer or even in winter, it always feels good to have a walk on the soft sand while listening to the sound of the waves that tirelessly kiss the shore. 
For me GOLDEN has always been the colour I associated with the beach, however, when I started to travel abroad I was pleasantly surprised to learn how Mother Nature plays with the colours. And there I was, on my first journey with friends visiting Tenerife and I found myself walking on a BLACK beach instead! The colour is due to its volcanic origins and the contrast with the white of the waves is spectacular.
The following year I travelled to Mexico where my eyes were amazed to admire those bright WHITE sand beaches which together with the leaning palm trees…

Abruzzo Trabocchi

ABRUZZO TRABOCCHIBy Morena Giannascoli
Long time ago, on the Adriatic coast, fishermen erected wooden constructions clinging to the rock to capture the best of the marine fauna. These fishing machines made of logs and ropes are called trabocchi, and they follow each other with the joy and whim of youth from Ortona to Fossacesia, a coastline that today represents one of the wonders of the Mediterranean: the Coast of Trabocchi. From the hills above them, among scented brooms, olive groves and vineyards rich in their precious fruits covering the landscape, you can see these strange creatures that from the coast stretch out to the sea through a wooden pier. They seem like spiders intent on running their feet in blue waters and with antennas protruding forward to find the best fish. Over the years, many artists have represented the trabocchi in their works: painters, writers, photographers. Gabriele D'Annunzio also wrote: "The machine seemed to live a life of its own, to have an app…